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Pedicure Treatments

* All pedicure includes disposable liner & file buffer

+ Classic Pedicure                  $35.20 

    Very basic pedicure but always warm up your day by soaking your            feet in the warm water, cut and shape your toes nails, cuticles clean up.      You will be happy with your heel treatment by our callus removal and        also leg massage, warm towel at the end with regular nail polish.

                     *** You can chose the sugar scrubs ***

+ Orange Citrus Pedicure     $42.20

   Following your scrub, a hydrating mask will be applied and your 

   feet will be wrapped in hot towels. A luxurious foot and leg massage

   using our orange-scented moisturizer will immediately hydrate and

   deliver nutrients, leaving your feet revived and refreshed.

+ Silken Spa Pedicure           $50.20

            * your choice Milk Honey and Lavender

   Be swept away by our signature pedicure. We rejuvinate your senses

   with fragrances of exotic essential oils and soften with a professional

   strength exfoliating sugar scrub, wrap your leg with mask in hot

   towels, and richly hydrated through the application of blended butter

   and warm oils. Afterwards, relax and enjoy the hot stone massage

   to release tension and calm fatigued muscle.

+ SENSE DETOX PEDICURE        $55.20
   Individual spa pedicure collection is a 4 step treatment that                 enriches skin with key ingredient to give feet much needed                 nutrients. Made with all natural and organic ingredients to give           your feet the detox and nourishment it needs. Each set includes a       deep sea minerals salt soak system, foot scrub, massage lotion and     a mud mask. We will also offer the warm paraffin wax to leave           your heel a wonderful soften feeling after pedicure.

+ Sense Customize Herb Pedicure   $70.20

            * Pick And Mix your own. We have 14 kinds of herb.

   Our luxurious foot bath is a relaxing sensory experience. Includes          your choice of custom made herbal products from our menu of herbs    for a relaxing sensory wax.  experience. This service includes nails and    cuticles care, callus removal, hot stone massage, reflexology,              exfoliation, soothing masque, and hydrate. Finish with paraffin wax.
   This Spa Pedicure is sure to awaken all your senses. 

Manicure Treatments

* All manicure & nail enhancement includes disposable file buffer.

 + Classic Manicure              $20.20

 + Silken Spa Manicure        $30.20
  A natural honey scrub exfoliation and
  massage, soothe skin and replenish essential
  oil and butter lotion. And Paraffin treatment
 renew skin's surface.
 + sense Herb Manicure      $35.20
  Try our luxurious hand soak which includes
  your choice of customize herbal. This service
  includes nail and cuticle care exfoliating,
  soothing with mask, massaging and choice 
  of lacquer.

*** French add $7 ***

+ shellac or gel manicure     $35.20


Nail  Enhancement

+ Acrylic Full-set                   $42.20


+ Dipping powder                    $45.20


+ Dipping Fullset                    $55.20


+ UV gel Fullset                       $60.20


+ UV gel Fill-in                         $50.20


+ UV gel P&W Fullset               $70.20


+ UV gel P&W fill-in                 $60.20



+ eyebrows        $12.20
+ lip                   $08.20
+ chin                $12.20
full face           $35.20

*** French add    $7 ***

*** Gel color for nails add   $10 ***
*** Gel color for toe
 add   $15    ***

Additional  services

- Nail repair                                  $5 
- Longer nails                               $5 
- Polish change in toes               $15
- Polish change on hands           $10
- Nail design                                 $5
- Take off.                                     $15
- Paraffin.                                      $10
- Hot stone.                                   $10

- Coffin, Stiletto, Almond shape  $5

It is'nt a nails service. it is a nails experience.

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